EIGHT DYNAMICS  are Dress Watches, Casual and Sport Watches

watches are used for a variety of tasks, from acting as a fashionable accessory to measuring distance or even oxygen intake.  8D watches features a stainless steel with Glamorous Rose Gold-Tone, PVD ‘Black’and Gun Metal ‘Dark Gray’Coating case with Vertically Brushed Bezel.  Automatic movements run almost identical but with one very important exception; unlike its predecessor, it does not require manual winding to operate.  Sapphire Glass Crystal as it has the highest resilience to scratches and imperfections.  All of our watch faces are specially designed and developed so that they go perfectly with the rubber/leather strap.  8D Watch have the stylish, unique mutiple layers dial.  Watches has changed dramatically as new techniques and complications

We not only produce high quality watches, we produce watches with stylish design and special characteristics