Established in Portugal in 2008 Prometheus Watch Company dedicates itself to produce robust mechanical watches with state of the art technologies and at prices within reach.

Our watch design principles are based in more is less, attention to details and production of a watch with a retro style and vintage feel.  We base our concepts in models from the 1960s and 1970s the gold age of mechanical watch development. While remaining faithful to that era we aim to create our own designs as a continuous evolutionary design process.

Our watch collection is based in three vectors:

  • Diver Watches – watches built to last with a water resistance of at least 300 meters
  • Pilot Watches – watches made to be easily readable
  • Dress Watches – watches designed with a classically intemporal design style

To produce our watches we cooperate with companies around the world, mainly in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, China and Japan. This enables us to bring to market reliable and precision crafted time pieces  and at the same time with the highest quality-price ratio making it one of the Best Buys in the watch world.

Our watches are built according to the highest standards and as a result we provide a two years limited international warranty.



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